Here at InterState Motorsport we provide a valuable collection of exotic cars in New Jersey.  If you're looking for luxury and abstraction of classic sports cars, we've got you covered. Our vehicles include top of the line super-car brand names in its most pristine condition that shines as much as its performance when driven out the lot. Because out here we believe style is everything, and effectively conveyed through our very own class of exotic sports cars.

But we don't stop there as we cater to our customers just like we do go about our cars. Our dealership is designed to make your car buying or leasing experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff and superior customer service all add up to create a simple and painless way to purchase a world class automobile at a great price.

Please call or visit us to see for yourself how different your total automotive experience can be! We do not have any unsatisfied customers!